With the passion for modeling, fashion, travel and entrepreneurship, Adwoa Asare is a star in the making. Born and raised in Connecticut and of Ghanaian descent, Adwoa Asare utilizes her platform to carve a niche that is truly her own.

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Who is MsAdwoa?

“Who in the world is this chick?”

“I mean seriously do we not have enough bloggers on the face of the earth.”

“I am absolutely tired of one more person trying to start a blog. I have honestly had enough.”

Your Right!

It seems like every day someone is starting a blog about some topic, person, a new fad, but you know what I choose to not listen to any of the longwinded rhetoric because I believe in me. I believe I was put on this earth to share, engage, and provide. (1) Share with the world the gifts, talents, and blessings that I have gained throughout the years. (2) Engage in dialogue, conversation, and exchange of talents and ideas on the largest platform ever- the INTERNET. (3) Provide a medium to which the aforementioned gifts, talents, and blessings can be shared. So where am I going with this?

Well, this is precisely why I created MsAdwoa. So who am I? My name is Adwoa of MsAdwoa.com.

I am a Ghanaian-American mother, sister, and friend, who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. I grew up in a small town in Connecticut and I am a bit of a wannabe New Yorker because I spent a lot of teenage life in da streetz (my wannabe accent can occasionally come out).

A completely lie!

I was nowhere in the streetz, but spent a lot of time in the Boogie Down Bronx. I went to college and grad school in Boston and started a life in the ATL. I have two beautiful children, who represent so much of my life and throughout my journey on this platform, I hope to unveil bits and pieces of my life and family that will hopefully allow you to get to know me.

Yes, yes! I can’t forget to mention this aspect of me. I AM GHANAIAN.

Oh, you knew that already!

My bad.

Although, I was born and raised in the states, being Ghanaian runs very deep in my spirit. My family hails from lovely Ghana, formerly coined the Gold Coast, because of it’s…GOLD.

Yep, um, but sad to say a good portion of it is gone, but that’s a whole ‘nother history lesson.

Anyhoo, my family is from a town called Adanwomase, which is a town in the Ashanti Region of Ghana located northeast of Kumasi. Hint, Hint. Stay tuned for more about Ghana. See that’s why you need to follow what I am doing!!! See purpose, alignment, it’s all coming together.

Moving right along…

I am also someone who has continuously felt that there was a void in the world because it was missing me. HAHA. No seriously, I am a woman of many passions. I love all things beautiful, love to travel, love creativity, professionalism, and GOD. I am NOT PERFECT in any way shape or form and have made many mistakes in my life. Nonetheless, I am hoping that if I share pieces of me that maybe your, our lives can benefit from this relationship and gain a thing or two.

You know what else (a little secret), I made the t-shirt on the right and look forward to sharing the artsy side of me with you too. So if you need a shirt, a mug, a tote, or want something custom made and want to run it by me. Click the Work With me link below.

So Akwaaba! I welcome you on this journey with me.

Till we meet again in the next post. TaTa!