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My Life. My Blessings. Happy Birthday To Me!

My birthday weekend was truly a weekend of memories.

I had an awesome photoshoot with my favorite photographer Shots By Priiincess , makeup artist Arielle of Double A Makeup, and Kesha of GoSleek Salon. They are all based in Atlanta and were my glam team for the weekend. So stay tuned for the reveal!!

I also had an awesome ladies night with my close girlfriends. It is something I needed to do for myself because I never really had a big birthday bash. So it was well worth it and I am glad I had my close friends, who are based in Atlanta, available to be there.












I turned…whoop whoop…37 years old.

I know I know.

Hold the applause. Lol.

I look good for my age. Right? Right. I must give all the glory and honor to God.

This year, I will continue to vow to be fearless and allow God to enable me to use my talents to not only create a better life for myself but encourage women to also use their talents to create better lives for themselves.

One thing I know is that evil forces surround us every day and they come in different forms. Their role in our life is to distract, destroy and disturb any dreams, visions, or signs of stability in your life.

I know that currently in my life if I encounter unnecessary distractions or hurdles, it is because I believe, there is a force who knows that if I accomplish what I am destined to do I will succeed. Therefore, the distractions set in my pathway are set there to prevent me from succeeding and achieving my success.

So, since I am aware, I will aim to be more prayerful to ensure that the wisdom of my awareness continues so I am able to pursue my dreams and be covered by the Lord as I pursue them.

I say this to say, procrastination and distraction are deterrents placed in your divine pathway. They can only be removed by prayer, meditation, and honestly pure awareness of your environment and surroundings.

We are human beings who possess intelligence beyond our present imagination.

It is not our job to simply just exist. It is our job to utilize our talents to the fullest extent possible.

So here’s to a new year of accountability, life, dreams, and new pursuits….





















Happy Birthday to me!!!

All in all, I am actually love my green bandage outfit for my birthday bash, along with birthday ensemble for my dinner with the family! Comment down below and let me know your thoughts on my both outfits!

My jumpsuit is courtesy of Fashionnova. Feel free to use my personal link when searching for the Rooftop Vibe Bandage Jumpsuit – Kelly Green!

My other outfit is courtesy of MsAdwoaStyle and my boutique will be dropping in a few weeks! So stay tuned!

As always…Peace and Odo!!