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MsAdwoa’s Favorite West African Restaurants

With more positive attention towards the continent of Africa, one must wonder how do you get a bit of culture without actually visiting the continent.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is truly no substitute for visiting the continent, except to visit the continent; however, you can get a glimpse through an exploration of cuisine.

Soooooo, I will give you a complete disclaimer. I am a Ghanaian-American and my taste for food is inclined to favor West African cuisine. With that being said, my sincere apologies for my people on the other side of the continent, but I like what I like ooooo.

Nevertheless, my country Ghana is on the map and is calling its’ children back home. So if you can’t make it to Ghana and/or the West African side of the continent, please find below my fav and highly recommended West African restaurants and take-out located in the US of A, in no particular order.

  1. Ike’s Restaurant and Grill, Norcross, GA (Ghanaian and Nigerian Cuisine)

From the décor to the overall ‘African Aesthetic experience’, Ike’s Restaurant and Grill does not disappoint. With a menu that can satisfy almost any palette, Ike’s takes the traditional African restaurant to different levels.

I have had so many opportunities to experience the restaurant and have never been disappointed, but expect that if you will enjoy the restaurant there are about 1,000 more people who enjoy it too.

MsAdwoa’s Menu Recommendations


Beef Suya

Meat Pie

Goat Pepper Soup


Ghana/Nigerian Jollof

Tuo Zafi/Ewedu

Peppered Fish Red Tilapia


2. Kings and Queens Liberian Cuisine, Philadelphia, PA (Liberian Cuisine)

Country Dry Rice w/ Red Snapper

Image Courtesy of Kings and Queens Liberian Cuisine

I lived in Philadelphia, a while back, and I was honestly too tired to cook, at times, and really needed some good ‘ol African food. I really just happened to find this spot while straight googlin’ the typical keywords “African restaurant” or Ghanaian Restaurant, etc.

Lawdddd! I was so happy I did because this right here is the spot. The owner is so kind and sweet and is really the epitome of an entrepreneur. Flavor is an absolute understatement because everythaang that I tasted was seasoned to absolute perfection.

MsAdwoa’s Menu Recommendations


Puff Puff


Country Dry Rice with Fried Snapper/Extra Onions/Bell Peppers

Molabi Salad and Grilled Lamb

3. Papaye African Restaurant, Bronx, New York (Ghanaian Cuisine)


Image Courtesy of Yelp/Papaye African Restaurant

Now if you don’t know, now you do. I grew up in Connecticut, but Da Bronx truly was my stomping grounds during my teenage and young adult years. You definitely cannot walk up in da Bronx without hearing, smelling, or witnesses the gloriousness of Ghanaian culture. With that being said, if your looking for classic Ghanaian dishes in the NYC, be sure to make a pitstop at this local, authentic restaurant.

MsAdwoa’s Menu Recommendations


Beef Kebob


Watche (Rice and Beans with Stew & Assorted Meats) Ghana Jollof

Nkruma Stew w/ Banku (Okra Stew and Fermented Corn Balls)

Light Soup with Fufu


4. Jollof Sistas ATL, Atlanta, GA /Delivery & Catering Service ( Nigerian Cuisine)

Image Courtesy https://www.instagram.com/jollofsistasatl

Atlanta truly is the hub for African Diasporian entrepreneurship. Is that even a phrase? Well, I just made it up.

Jollof Sistas ATL is a Nigerian Food Delivery and Catering Service that I literally came upon doing my usual google search for African restaurants. As a mom and literal working adult (LOL), sometimes you just are tired of eating your own food or just couldn’t make the time to cook. With a variety of items on their menu, that can satisfy any palette, you will never be disappointed.

MsAdwoa’s Menu Recommendations


Beef Suya


Nigerian Jollof w/ Beef Suya

Nigerian Jollof w/ Tilapia

Nigerian Jollof w/ Goat



5. African Grill and Bar, Denver, Colorado, (African Cuisine)

Image Courtesy of Yelp/African Bar & Grill

In my past life, I used to travel significantly on the road for work and eating on the road got pretty redundant. So I was more than appreciative when I found this gem of a restaurant in the heart of Denver, Colorado. The restaurant serves vegan food, vegetarian food, and halal meat. African Grill and Bar’s wide variety of options will ensure you are satisfied no matter what diet restrictions you have. The Osei-Fordwuo Family, who hails from Ghana, were inspired to bring African cuisine to the midwest. They have two locations in the Colorado area so be sure to stop by if you are in their neck of the woods.

MsAdwoa’s Menu Recommendations


Beef Suya


Fried Tilapia w/ Kenkey

Banku w/ Blended Okra

Watche (Rice and Beans with Stew & Assorted Meats)

Ghana Jollof


Definitely visit all of these locations and don’t hesitate to tell them MsAdwoa sent ya!!!