With the passion for modeling, fashion, travel and entrepreneurship, Adwoa Asare is a star in the making. Born and raised in Connecticut and of Ghanaian descent, Adwoa Asare utilizes her platform to carve a niche that is truly her own.

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Do we have limitations in life or are limitations in life self-imposed?


As I look back on my life, I have really so much to freaking be grateful for.

Yes, I have my Bachelor’s and Masters from very prestigious and well-known universities. (You didn’t know. I’m smart too.) Limitations should not be one of them.

Yes, I come from a great family, have great children and have been fortunate to travel the world, but that does not stop me from trying and pursuing more in my life.

So what’s stopping you, my brother and sister?

We were not put on this earth to struggle. We were put on this earth to shine and exude Christ’s love and grace!

Go and get what you deserve.

Do you need more education?

Look into community colleges that can either be online or on campus. There are even colleges and universities that are free if you qualify under certain criteria. Click here to find out more.

Do you have talents?

Look into getting a certificate for hair, nails, lashes, massage therapy, car mechanics, or Information technology. The website is yours to search.

Are you have trouble getting a job?

Network, network, network. In this day in age, the competition is getting harder and harder. Nowadays the Master’s is the new high school diploma.

Reach out to friends, family, an old boss, tweet that you need a job, blast it on social media. Do what it takes.

We live in an age where fear is the thief of your happiness. Step out on faith.

Use websites like indeed.com, linkedin.com, and many more. Or better yet, let google be your guide.

Do a search on google, for example using “Job title + city, state”.

Click Tools, as shown above, and then sort by the past week to see companies that have posted jobs recently. Please scroll down to weed out the linkedin.com and indeed.com posts if you want a specific company. Thank me later!

Are you having trouble speaking up at work and putting your two cents in a meeting or work-related conversation?

Well, I highly recommend this book, “ 100 Tricks to Appears Smart In Meetings: How To Get By Without Even Trying”. It is a bit of comedic spin on things that happen day to day in the office; however, if you have not been in the corporate world some of these very simplistic tips may be foreign to you. Trust me it is a bit of an extreme joke, but it has a lot of value regarding basic lingo that ACTUALLY takes place in the corporate environment. It’s funny yet hilariously true and can provide added value to your work life. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Sista, Brotha there is nothing really stopping you but yourself! The world is changing and the world is literally at your fingertips. Get up, stand up, and wake up to the life you deserve and if we don’t have what you want. CREATE IT!


Peace and ODO!!