With the passion for modeling, fashion, travel and entrepreneurship, Adwoa Asare is a star in the making. Born and raised in Connecticut and of Ghanaian descent, Adwoa Asare utilizes her platform to carve a niche that is truly her own.

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Embrace Your Inner Queen

Trust me, I am not in any way, shape, or form average, but I didn’t always think in this fashion. It has taken me a long time to come out of my “ shell” and embrace the concept and being of that which is “ME”. However, sista what I want you to say is “EMBRACE YOUR INNER QUEEN”.However, first things first. The ONLY person who must embrace that idea is YOU.

The picture above was taken during my trip back home to Ghana, West Africa. If you don’t know already, I am a Ghanaian-American and my dear country Ghana holds such a place in my heart.

I was actually in Kumasi, Ghana at the cultural center learning how to dance, Adowa, a traditional cultural dance of the Ashanti people. During my time at the cultural center, I and my family decided to do a photoshoot in our traditional garb. It was such a joyous and intimate occasion because it made me appreciate my culture even more.

In the Ghanaian culture, each layer of fabric and jewelry placement holds extreme significance. It is both a humbling and powerful experience because many of our Queen Mothers in Ghana get dressed in this fashion. I say this to say that although it isn’t every day we get all dolled up to physically look royal, we must understand that when you wake up every day you are representing the concept of being Queen. So wear that invisible crown my sister!