With the passion for modeling, fashion, travel and entrepreneurship, Adwoa Asare is a star in the making. Born and raised in Connecticut and of Ghanaian descent, Adwoa Asare utilizes her platform to carve a niche that is truly her own.

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About Me

Hey Friend!

Thanks so much for coming over to my blog to get to know more about MsAdwoa.

My name is Adwoa best known as MsAdwoa and I am a lover of all things: Life, Beauty, Fashion, and Travel.

I was born and raised in Connecticut and have significant ties to New York, specifically the Boogie Down Bronx. At the heard of it all, I am truly Ghanaian. Although, I wasn’t born there, I am very proud of my Ghanaian heritage.

 I moved to Atlanta in 2008 and have loved all of what it has too offer: great people, culture, great weather, and so much more. I am also a wife and mom to two amazing children based in Atlanta, GA. 

Creating My Own Niche

There are two reasons why I chose the name “MsAdwoa” for my blog. Firstly, I have always longed to have a space where I could just share a piece of MY world to the WORLD; however, I would encounter fears left and right hindering me from trying to start something. Secondly, I finally realized that I am a MULTI-PASSIONATE INDIVIDUAL and I didn’t need to settle on only sharing one aspect of my life. I could create MY own space to explore and present.

This could range from letting you know how to style your hair on a budget, to teaching you how to start a t-shirt business, to traveling and sprucing up your skills for an upcoming interview that you are preparing for.

Long story short, this blog will allow me to document and present aspects of my life to the world. Hopefully it can add value to your life because just being able to present my life to you will surely add value to mine.

I don’t have a plan or any magical design of where I want this to go, so I will just go with the flow on this journey so I thank you in advance for joining me.

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