With the passion for modeling, fashion, travel and entrepreneurship, Adwoa Asare is a star in the making. Born and raised in Connecticut and of Ghanaian descent, Adwoa Asare utilizes her platform to carve a niche that is truly her own.

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A Ghanaian Creative Collaboration


What better way to usher in Ghana’s Independence Day than to display a show of solidarity of Ghanaian pride and sisterhood!

Ghana’s Independence Day commemorates the Declaration of Independence from British colonial rule, by Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah on March 6th, 1957.

Ghana Independence Day is celebrated every year on March 6. It is a public holiday for the citizens of Ghana and broadly celebrated among Ghanaians living overseaas . the event that Walk 6 falls on a end of the week, the taking after Monday will also be observed as a holiday. Ghana Independence Day is also known as Ghana National Day. The celebrations commemorate Ghana’s independence from the United Kingdom in 1957. The Ghanaian Creative Collaborative was born out of a shared love and passion for the Ghanaian culture and pride of these 5 women.

As a result, under the creative and styling direction of both @msadwoa and @creativeposhstylist, the vision became a reality. Each women represents the beauty of one tribe of Ghana.

Ga Tribe (IG:@Nitapop)

Asante tribe (IG:@africandoll)

Ewe (IG:tuntumi_kusiwahb)

Fante tribe (IG:@msadwoa)

And you already know the shots were by my fave Ghanaian female photographer @bessieakuba ❤️‍🔥🇬🇭

Happy 65th Independence to all of Ghanaians all over the globe!